Saturday, August 10, 2013

Krita Lime (2.8prealpha). New features overview

Hi, all!

Some time have passed since I was talking about new features of the current development version of Krita. But there are lots of them actually! Let me show them to you :)

(all these feature are already available in Krita Lime PPA, which has packages for Precise, Quantal and Raring)

Optimized selections engine

  • all the selection tools now work incomparably faster. After pressing Ctrl+A you don't have time to drink your coffee anymore ;)
  • Pixel and Vector selections are now convertible! (Yes, we always had Vector Selections!) You can convert your selection to a vector object and edit it moving the vertices as you do for any vector shape. To convert it, just use Selection->Convert To Vector Selection menu. When you are done with editing vectors, you can just start painting on selection and it will be converted back into a pixel one

Optimized painting of the gradients

  • Gradients are now painted a couple of times faster! Thanks Camilla Boemann for this work!

Updated line smoothing algorithms

  • both Basic and Weighted Smoothing algorithms were almost rewritten. This solved many interesting bugs which caused Krita to produce "screwed" lines while painting on high speeds
  • Weighted Smoothing algorithm now has an option for controlling the ending of the stroke. It makes the line "hurry up" to the brush tip when you lift the stylus up. The speed of this "hurrying up" can be controlled by "Stroke Ending" option
  • Weighted Smoothing can now also smooth the pressure of the pen

Refactored predefined brushes engine

  • The speed of the painting with predefined brushes raised up to 20%
  • Fixed blurriness of the predefined brushes on all the scales
  • Rotation of a predefined brush now produce no artifacts!
  • Colored predefined brushes now rendered correctly (without gray traces left on the canvas)

Updated Brush Sensors engine

  • Anisotropic Spacing Feature. Now the spacing can be configured to be related to the ratio of the brush
  • Fixed Speed and Distance sensors to work in a sane way ;)
  • Refactored Drawing Angle sensor, so that it became much smoother
  • Implemented Fan Corners feature. It can be activated in the Drawing Angle configuration dialog. It ensures, that there will be no breakups in the stroke in the corners of the line. It works like a spacing option, but only for angular values.

  • Now when the canvas is mirrored, the dab stays non-mirrored! So you can continue painting with your brush unchanged!