Sunday, May 10, 2009

First step of tile engine

Today i've implemented the things projected in previous post. I couldn't imagine that multithreading programming is so exciting! =) It's a pretty good exercise for brains :)

The three classes mentioned earlier are committed to New tiles engine called "tiles3" ;). Some details are changed, but the idea remained the same. Of course you can't build krita with this engine =), but you can test some features of it with a simple test suite located in krita/image/tiles3/tests/test_tiles_cow/. The list of "features" is quite short yet. Atm it simply creates a few tiles and shares tile data between them with CopyOnWrite mechanism.

And there are a few issues i have already faced with. The main is deadlocks. There can be a plenty of situations when the tilesystem will be stuck in the lock forever. And the worst thing we can't use "Ostrich algorithm" suggested by Tannenbaum! =). At the moment i see the only solution for this problem: locking rules.

So "the first great locking rule" sounds like:
Everytime lock for read first.

E.g. if you want to copy some data from one tile to another (and they both share the same tiledata) you should acquire the source first, and only then acquire the destination.

Here is kind of "variations table". Imagine tile1 has already acquired some lock, but tile2 wants to acquire it too (both use the same tiledata).
A guess there are many rules to be discovered. But i hope they i'll be able to encapsulate them inside iterators.

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