Friday, September 27, 2013

Krita Lime: packages with hot-new Wraparound Mode and Clones Array

This week was really successful for Krita, we got four feature branches merged into master! Two of them will be quite interesting for game-designers and painters working with 3D models.

Wraparound Mode

In this new mode (which can be activated by pressing 'W' shortcut) the sides of the image get connected to each other and the image becomes infinitely-cycled. The picture becomes repeated on a screen (openGL mode only) as if it is a texture being wrapped around some surface. The painting with a brush also becomes cycled: just move your stroke and it'll appear on the other side of the image!

For the lovers of psychedelic effects we also added wraparound support to the Move Tool. Just activate it and enjoy dragging the borders of the image to and fro.

Clones Array

This feature (which can be found in Layer menu) allows the user to create a set of clones (tiles) which are linked to the current layer and are offset to some specific position. This feature will be useful for texture painters and online games creators where the world consists of a repeated set of 2D tiles.

How to Install

New features are already present in Krita Lime! But since these features are very new, we've packaged it into a separate package: 'krita-wraparound-wip', so that everyone could rollback to a "stable" 'krita-testing' package. During installation the system will suggest you to replace the existing 'krita-testing' package.

sudo apt-get install krita-wraparound-wip

And as usual, if you find any bug of have any comment, do not hesitate to tell us about it! :)


  1. Hi Dmitry,

    I have just read this last blog of yours :-)

    THANKS a lot as usual for your excellent work in making Krita more and more powerful !

  2. unfortunatly, since today, Krita broke completely for me. updating with the Krita-testing or the wraparound gives me an error message that the plugin 'kritapart' uses an incompatible KDE library. (4.10.4)

    Returning to regular krita doesn't seem to work either:
    ksyscocaprivate::checkVersion: found version 218, expected 221

    added to that, the krita icon is missing from the startup menu, and for some reason, initially, the software center thought krita-testing and krita-wraparound were 0mb in size.